What Are You Sacrificing for Good Quality Mental Healthcare?

The Cost of Quality Healthcare

You cannot put a price on good mental health, but know that finding and maintaining good quality healthcare does cost money. Your psychiatrist appointments, therapy sessions, and medications all require money. You must be willing to devote the funds necessary to make sure you receive good quality care.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Even if your insurance covers part of it, there will be some out-of-pocket expenses. In my case, my health insurance plan covers most of my medication expenses and my co-pay for my psychiatric appointments is relatively low. However, my psychotherapy sessions are not covered by my insurance. However, I would never seek out another therapist. She is an excellent therapist who adds value to my quality of life, and I would not try to change or even attempt to find a different one.

Substance Use

You may be abusing certain substances you need to give up in exchange for the services and medications you are receiving. For example, I quit drinking alcohol, which was a huge expense every month when you add up the costs of all the drinks at home and out to dinner. In fact, I spend less on my mental healthcare bills combined than I used to spend on alcohol. While that seems incredible to believe, it is true.

So, it might be helpful for you to consider some things you can give up in exchange for better healthcare. Chances are, if you are suffering from Bipolar Disorder or a similar type of disorder, you are also engaging in some kind of substance abuse. Giving up the cost of that substance just might cover the cost of good, high-quality mental healthcare.

Other Things to Give Up

Even if it is not substance abuse you need to give up, there are probably other things in your life worth giving up that are just not as important. I know plenty of people who spend $5 per day or more on coffee or other drinks. That can add up to well over $100 per month. Other people spend too much on clothes every month that they don’t really “need”, which can run into hundreds of dollars.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that money is a factor that you need to account for, and do not sacrifice quality to save a few bucks. Your health is way too important, as it impacts all other aspects of your life.